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Her parted lips gave his tongue full access to explore her mouth as his tongue slipped into her territory and marked it his. Their tongues tangled with one another and they enjoyed every bit of each other's kiss. His soft hair brushed against her delicate face as their kisses grew more intense.


"Nnn.. hey... Your five minutes will become an hour like this!" She tried to protest, but couldn't resist the tingle sensation that began to take over her body as his warm pecks worked its way to her right ear lobe. "You are my job." His hoarse, seductive voice whispered into her ears, making her legs lose strength.


"Aww, I forgot to put on lip balm. Let me lick it moist for your full packaged experience. Don't worry, I'll give you the most memorable losing viriginity kiss. Don't get greedy and use your tongue, though." Lin Que licked his lips just to scare Chen Mu off.


Seeing Chen Mu and Susu together felt like needles prickling through his heart. Something was aching and he didn't want to acknowledge what he had lost. When he saw how Chen M's arms were wrapped intimately around her waist and the sides of their heads bumped against each other as they laughed, it reminded him of the past when she was still by his side.


"Hahahaha, that's true! What's there to shame about anyways? You're only expressing your love in a more expressive way! I definitely love that wild thought of yours! Go team tooshies!!" Ariana laughed along with them.


"You see, I wouldn't lose a strand of hair... I'll lose every strand of hair by the time you make a move at this rate." He teased and purposely supported his chin using his palm as he watched his wife think of which move to play.

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"No, you got it wrong. My question isn't why she was attacked. Instead, I'm wondering why they would think that she was the one who held the chips. What's her identity?" Susu's instinct told her that there was something deeper to her identity than Shi Corps' president's daughter.


Chen Mu and Chen Nan exchanged eye contacts and sighed, "No...you can..."


Reporters took pictures and wrote down these strong lines for the next headline. Professor Luo Xia continued, "I almost forgot to mention that Miss. Susu could feel free to sue for copyrights and plagiarism for monetary purposes. Obviously there are many more to what miss. Karen had done, but that would be solely up to Miss. Susu to decide."


Meanwhile, Kitty knew that she had been recognized and couldn't stay or else her cover will be blown away. Therefore, when Ariana shouted at her direction, she started to run off. Ariana urgently told Lily to stay with Susu as she stormed out of the room to chase after Kitty.


"That's okay. As long as you're willing to talk to him, then it is fine." Shen Wen bit her lips as she never thought that Susu would retaliate her words with such force.


"Like I said already. We need to find Qian Ling because she can heal the remainder of the drug in her body." The sound of water bubbling in the kettle intensified the atmosphere in the room.


"Professor Luo Xia from Paris Fashion Institute. He has multiple identities in the fashion design industry that it is rare to see him in events as a guest. As the CEO of Huang Corps, I officially invite you to attend the event if you are available and are interested."



It was a struggle at first, but Lily managed to dissect three crabs by herself and did a decent job. The most difficult part was over and now it was time to stir fry these crabs. Susu split the crabs and ingredients in half so that she could demonstrate once and have Lily try it out herself. Since Lily was scared of oil landing on her arm, Susu handed her a pair of gloves and started the stir frying process.



On their way out of the suite, Chen Mu and Lin Que lightly punched their chest twice and pointed at the couple. Ariana and Chen Nan smiled and patted their chest as if they have received the silent message. Zi Yan held the couple's hands and stacked their hands like how Professor Luo Xia did at the hospital. "Thank you. Please come back safe and sound."


A simple body contact, simple hug and simple moment together were enough for them to feel the bond they had. After today, they won't know when they'll be able to see each other again. All they thought of at this second were their vows to each other and their motivation to win the upcoming fight.


The pressuring weight on her shoulders had lifted after she spurted that out, but she would've never thought that Chen Mu would say the following words. "And I assume that the so called someone from your small speech just now is directed to yourself who always tried to climb up the social ladder, but failed miserably that your face hurt for the numerous slaps you've received from others."

  • "I heard Yin Zin Leung went bankrupt, and nobody dared to hire him because his other daughter caused a ruckus at a socialite event. Of course, he doesn't know that... yet. Susu is dating Chen Corporations, CEO. He is a very good boy and has great potential."
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